Show Photos



 Naomi as Edith Piaf

 in Piaf:Love Conquers All

 Tone Poet Productions




Kelly Conners in "Cheatin' Hearts" by Paul Ledoux

Jo Carlson in "Cowgirls" by Mary Murfitt and Betsie Howie

Manley Pants in "Snow WHite and The Group of Seven" with Sean Cullen

 Sister Hubert in "Nunsense" by Dan Goggin



 Joan of Arc in "Jeane:The Joan of Arc Musical Drama by Vincent deTourdonnet and Peter Sipos


Wild Mary in "Colors In The Storm" by Jim Betts 

 Mistress fowl in "Jacob-Two-Two Meets The Hooded Fang" by Mordecai Ritchler

Jean Guy in "The Saga of The Steamer Atlantic" by Robert More